If you find or have something useful, you should share it. So here's a a few things that I think are useful. If you like them just download what ever you want too. I will be happy to receiver a mail with a short "Thank you!" or a suggestion / correction from you.
All files offered here were created by me. They are not subject to any copyright or other protection. I'm glad when someone uses them.
However, I can not guarantee for function, correctness, etc. Any download and use is at your own risk and responsibility.

LogBook (click)
LogBook - feel free to download
  Why another logbook again? Because mine:
 • records all desired data
 • was created in CALC
    (LibreOffice = free counterpart of Excel)
    and can therefore be used free of charge and
    easily extended and individually adapted
 • adds the country of remote station in plain text for all QSOs
 • has ADIF export included
 • generates kml-data for a map in GoogleMaps by a macro
 • has a few nice additions like
   - Q-Groups
   - pick slip for standard QSO (tip: print on both sides of A5)
   - Band plan
and much more.

Moresign table (click)
cw characters
A table with Morse code, sorted by length and dots and dashes. Catchy abbreviations like "Quer scheißt die Kuh!" and special characters. Written in CALC, can be opened with LibreOffice CALC or Excel.
I m p o r t a n t N O T E :
It's only supposed to be a cheat sheet for when you're on the tube and you just can't remember the meaning of a sound. Don't use it to learn / memorize the Morse code! You'll take years to recover from this mistake.
See also the numerous
Explanations on the Internet (click).

CW Training Files (click)
This is a set of over 200 audio files to practice CW. You willhear:
1. the Morse code
2. an audio announcement, which letters it was
3. the explanationof the code's meaning.
The spectrum ranges from
Report 599,
via abbreviations/traffic signs like Break,
different Q-groups like QTH
up to YL
and covers (hopefully!) all terms needed in CW QSO. Download, transfer to MP3 player or mobile phone, random play active

Abbreviations, Q-groups, word lists (click)
Abkürzungen - feel free to download
This CALC file contains the following lists (German and English):
• the most common Q-groups and their meaning in plain text
• the usual abbreviations in CW with their meaning
• the 100 most common words in the German language
• the 100 most common words in the English language

And what for?
To feed training programs for CW with information and to learn, for example, the abreviations and Q-groups most likely used in a QSO.